6.99%                  2.99% + Prime                      0% for 24 mos  -  7.99% +                   4.99%                         up to 97% Advance
              Term Loan                                  SBA Loan                                                Credit Card Intro Rate  - GoTo Rate                             Equipment Loan                                      Invoice Factor Rate


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Direct Lender Funding For Strategic Business Growth

We polish the financial profiles of credit-challengedand bank-denied business owners, 
qualifying them for alternative custom-funding with reasonable terms.


Simplified electronic application 
and documents put an end to
manual data submition.


Our financial assessment and flawless lender-match system ensures higher approval rates.


Effortless e-deposit into your business bank account within 24-48 hrs of approved funding.

Our paperless application simplifies
the funding-process and puts an end to
the mounds of documents required and
allows you to stay focus on your business.

Fast Application 

Flexible Terms

Dedicated to understanding your financial needs, we will meticulously strive to find a flexible custom-funding solution to fit your business goals.

Same Day-Next Day +

  Our high approval rate is based
on your business performance. 
Your credit score is a small element in
designing your custom business-friendly terms. 


Fast Funding 

Once approved, funds are delivered
within 24-48 hours to a business bank account
for a smooth transition that ensure no delays
in your daily business operations.

Loan Types For Strategic Business Growth

We will match you with reasonable terms and/or 
stack products for strategic growth, that meets your financial needs
usually within 24 hours of application submission.

Having the necessary equipment to run your business is vital to keeping your venture operating smoothly. Our equipment loan is designed specifically to enable you, the business owner, to replace, upgrade or purchase equipment without putting a strain on your cash-flow. . .



Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. While the SBA does not make direct loans, instead it provides a safeguard-guarantee to banks and other lenders for the money they lend. Thereby, alleviating the risk. . . 

Read more >> 


A short-term loan (usually for 1-5 years) provides a lump sum payment of cash upfront to the borrower that is repaid in a fixed number of equal payments over the set-period, length of the loan.Term loans usually last between 1-10 years but may last as long as 30 years in some cases and. . . 

Read More >> 


See our loan rates, discover your possibilities and
plan your strategy to accomplish your business goals.

We serve a variety of hard to fund industries. 

With decades of funding experience under their perverbial tool-belt,
our lenders understand the day to day functions of a variety of industries
and specialize in those that are high risk and/or hard to fund. 

Estimate Your Startup Funding,
Working Capital or Custom Smart-Stack
to accomplish your business goals.


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from sea to shining sea.

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19 South 8th Street    Fargo, ND 58103

* Hemp is a class 2 controlled substance. 
Applicant must be registered with
their State Dept. of Ag. 
'2020 Hemp Pilot Program'
to qualify for hemp funding.

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