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However, we will get a small thankyou commission and our office mascots, Miranda and MaryBeth, will be very happy you contributed to their biscuit jar.  :o)
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We're required by the FTC, (Federal Trade Commission) to include this page on our website to inform you that we use affiliate links to promote products and services for other companies. But beyond our legal obligations, making you aware of this common practice will help you make safer decisions on the Internet in general.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based link-marketing that helps companies to sell more of their product or service. Companies pay for that marketing only when a sale is made through the link.

Like 100's of thousands of other website owners, it’s a way for us to help our business owners like you, to discover products and services that help you to conduct business in a more productive manner and gives us a little compensation for our efforts in pointing them out to you. (Thankyou for that!)

Having said that, not all products and services on this website have affiliate links. Our focus is to make the best recommendations regardless if they offer monetary compensation or not.

As always, you should do your own due diligence before making any purchase decision.

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