Fix My Credit



Imagine where you could be
in just 45-60 days. . .

Repair your Credit 
Reduce your Debt 
Impove your FICO Score 
Qualify for. . .
      *Vehicle Purchase 
      *Biz Startup / Working Capital

      *Credit Card Approval 


Leave ALL The Leg-Work To Us
*We provide all 3 credit reports, scores
   and updates at no cost to you. 

*We contact and correspond directly
   with  all 3 credit bureaus. 

*We mail out unlimited dispute letters
  on your behalf.  No notary or postage required. 


24/7 Access!
*You’ll get a securely encrypted and private online account. 
*Live customer service via phone,
  chat and email. 
*Informative 'How To' Knowledge Base

Watch Us Work To Remove . . .
*Late Payments               *Tax Liens  
*Collections                     *Judgements 
*Charge Offs                   *Bankruptcies
*Repossessions              *Identity Theft
*Student Loans                and more . . . 

Affordable Price Plans :
*FlatRate-6 Month Plan
*Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Plan
*No Contracts
*Cancel Anytime
*Get Started For $19


Don't let bad credit predict your future!

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Get The Credit You Deserve!
What are your goals?

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We hate spam too. We promise to never share, sell or give away your contact info.

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