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It’s Thursday night already and the week went by so fast, you’re wondering what happened to Monday. You’ve already putting in 60 hours this week and your family has knick-named you Casper for obvious reasons. You’re finally crawling into bed at midnight when you remember you haven’t closed out the books for the week. Long sigh. . .

You’ve always wanted your own business but it’s starting to feel like you’ve traded one task-master for another. You never realized how many countless hours you would lose to spreadsheets, receipts and trying to find your error(s) to balance the books. What a nightmare. How did you become a slave to the books? Reality Check. . . Hello!

Running a business does not include standing in as a part-time ‘hit and miss’ bookkeeper. It’s over-due time to hand your books over to an affordable online accountant and sleep easy knowing it’s being handled by an expert.

Let us introduce you to an online team of real-live accounting experts that English is their native language. Located in North America, they work in-house to customize your books in a way that makes sense for your business.

How does the process work? You will be assigned a bookkeeper who understands your industry. Your dedicated bookkeeper will take the time to get to know your business so you can take this stressful task off your to-do list, for good.

Each month your bookkeeper will gather everything they need from you and import your business transactions into the platform (or auto-upload your account(s) info) and get to work on your books.

One Size Does NOT Fit All Your online bookkeeper will never make assumptions about your books. If they have a question, they will reach out for your business expertise.

Curious about the status of your books? The platform ‘status’ feature shows which months are complete, what’s in progress, and what’s outstanding. Easily track business health with real-time updates, monthly financials and visual reports. These powerful tools show you at-a-glance, how your business is doing to help you manage your money and make smarter spending decisions.

And Taxes too? Your online bookkeeper keeps your books up to date year-round. When tax season comes around, they have a tax-team that does all the leg-work to get you organized and filed—without the stress.

Unlimited one-on-one support Book a call or send a message to your bookkeeper from inside the platform. They will respond within 24 hours.

Cancel any time You can cancel your subscription any time and it will end the next billing period. If you have paid for the next year of your subscription, you can still cancel your subscription and get a refund for that year!

Free Trial – No Credit Card Required Get the free trial and see for yourself why 91% of the users are bragging on TrustPilot. The free trial includes one month of free bookkeeping and a set of financial statements (income/balance) prepared for you to keep. Also, a complete tour of the platform with free integration of your accounts whenever you’re ready to free yourself from DIY bookkeeping. No pressure and no credit card required.


· How does the free trial work?

· I’m behind on my books, can you get me caught up?

· What software do you use?

· Does the platform support both cash and accrual accounting?

· . . .and more

So, there you have it. . . lighten your daily task-load and be home for dinner at a ridiculously affordable monthly cost. Ease your mind and sleep like a baby. . . priceless!

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