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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Appliance Repair -Income Potential $184K - $368K+ yr / Startup $10K - $30K

Looking for a low-cost Home-Based Business that has the potential to scale fast? This is your meal ticket! I don't see this old-fashioned Appliance Repair service-business fading out anytime soon, especially with ever evolving digital appliances. If you’re willing to do a little research and read manuals to bring yourself up to speed on all the newest models, then you could generate a hefty income.

If you’re a self-starter with managerial skills, then being your own boss is a no-brainer for you. This hands-on trade functions as a one-man operation but is flexible enough to scale-up to as many service-personnel as necessary to meet the demand for your community. Certification is easily attainable with minimal upfront cost for a few weeks of training that yields a great return on investment.

The numbers will vary, but as a certified repairman and business owner, you can set your own prices at your discretion. Service calls on average pay over $100 per call.

One tech reports charging $128 flat for a service call with up to 6 calls a day. That amounts to $768 a day and working a customary 20-day work month yields a whopping $15,360 a month! Feeling lazy? You’re the boss! Take some time off without getting anxious about being unable to pay bills.

Feeling ambitious? Increasing the workload by an additional 6 jobs can generate closer to $38,720 per month. Beyond that, tacking on a 25% markup for parts could generate simple auxiliary income for every service call. Even if you just wanna bring home the bacon without being the big cheese, getting certified to work under an employer has huge advantages. Most employers pay $15-$20 an hour and provide a regular 9-5 schedule with daily jobs booked for service in advance. Health insurance, retirement plans and other benefits as well as bonuses and spiffs are a standard expectation when hiring on with an employer.

The demand for appliance repair is massive and consistent. Take the time to become thoroughly familiar with your trade as a knowledgeable and efficient service provider and growth will become natural and organic. Word travels fast in a service-based business so, expertise and honesty goes a long way.

You may find a variety of training and support with these links:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Onsite Training The EPA provides a long list of Section 608 technician certifications that you can apply for online training in various states. Click on the link, scroll down and check out the list and access the location of your choice. You can study as long as you like and take the test when you’re ready from the comfort of your home and re-take if necessary. Instant feedback is provided with the computerized testing used by certifiers. No formal training or licensing is required, except when working with refrigerants.

  • International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) Testing Fees No matter what your main area of interest is, or your current level of expertise, ISCET can assist you in becoming more qualified by earning certification.

  • Professional Service Association (PSA) Self-Study Course $60 The AHAM/NARDA Refrigerant Recovery Certification Program is a self-study course designed specifically for those who recover refrigerant from appliances grouped as “Type I” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Type I Self-Study - "Open Book" Course and Test complete with Study Guide.

Brick-N-Mortar Funding works directly with non-bank alternative lenders to provide the funds you need at competitive rates to purchase the study program and testing. With just a one-page application and 3 bank statements, our lenders may also finance your Startup costs of the Certified Appliance Technician Service business and the equipment, parts and supplies necessary to hit the ground running.

So get certified, and join the ranks of well-paid Appliance Technicians and get busy with your new trade - and watch your income roll in.

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