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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Does earning $60 an hour sound appealing? Are you organized and pay great attention to detail? How about the freedom to work remotely while helping others succeed? Then #bookkeeping may be right up your alley. Bookkeeping is actually more like sorting, categorizing, and cross-referencing different types of beans, and numbers are the beans.

Bookkeepers help business owners and entrepreneurs organize and keep track of their monthly income and expenses. And no, you don’t have to be a CPA to be successful in this business. In fact, all you really need are decent computer skills and a passion for helping business owners tackle real-world problems.

It’s a great opportunity for moms who want to work part-time, recent college grads and anyone who wants the flexibility of working from home while making a substantial income. If you think Bookkeeping may be your calling — check out this FREE training series from

If you're in a hurry to get certified, the US Career Institute will have you out the door in just four months for $49 a month. Plus they will help you with job placement.

So what are you waiting for? Make this pivotal moment in a positive direction a gift to yourself.

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