DIY Content Writer Saves Hundreds?

So, you’ve given it a lot of thought and researched the cost of hiring a writer to spruce up the content on your website. Maybe you’re SEO savvy or maybe you’re not, but it looks fairly easy to do…right? I mean, how hard can it be to drive traffic to a website? After all, you got what everyone wants…right? So, let’s get started. First… it’s important to have a well-built website with all the proper bells and whistles that’s updated often with fresh content. So, don’t even think you’re gonna copy and paste for quick and easy content. Not only is that plagiarism, but you’ll have nothing more than a mediocre website with recycled content that looks like all the others, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Second… you’ll need to set aside some time to do a little research about your own industry. You can’t publish fudged-facts on your website. Web-surfers today are savvy and intuitive, and they can tell when you’re winging it. Don’t risk your reputation, your audience and your sales to poor content. Do your homework. Your content should be fresh, researched for accuracy, engaging and seasoned with SEO to get ranked on the first page of Google.

Third… So, attracting your target audience with SEO resulting in a stampede of traffic with their credit cards in hand is easier said than done. SEO is like tuning a car with many critical parts. If you don’t have all the pieces in the right place at the right time, then your website will only attract crickets. So, no matter if you’re a newbie or seasoned in SEO, this task can be very frustrating and no doubt, time-consuming. Be prepared. Today's internet ain’t for sissies! The competition is fierce and ranking on Google, changes daily and very often, hourly.

So, you have to ask yourself, is this how you want to spend your days running your business? Did you start your business so you could learn to be an SEO expert or a clever content writer? Shouldn’t you be using this time to build your business? At this point, the money you thought you would save with DIY is robbing you of sales and growth for your business. Hmm… when ya look at it like that, it seems that outsourcing this task to an expert SEO-content writer doesn’t look so expensive after all.

You can find an SEO-Content Writer that’s familiar with your industry and fits your brand without breaking the bank. There are many platforms on the internet that offer all types of freelancers that promote safe and affordable transactions. Outsourcing through such a platform is more lucrative than employing a full-time content writer or DIY.

For example

· FIVERR is a platform that gives you unlimited access to skilled, verified, and professional freelancers, including content writers for as low as $5!

· If your on a tight budget and want a decent size article (around 400 words) done for under $3 go to iWriter.

· 99CentArticles offers well researched articles that keeps the reader interested, and makes your business stand out above the rest all at a rock-bottom price. Brick-N-Mortar Funding knows that the QUALITY of your content is King! So, no matter how much traffic you drive to your site, if your bounce rate is high your visitors are NOT consuming your content, which means they'll never engage with your call to action. Outsource your content to an SEO writer that knows how to grab your readers attention. They know exactly what to say to send them slobbering to your sales page with credit card in hand so you can get back to work doing what you do best. . . building your business. Need working capital to start the stampede? Brick-N-Mortar works directly with alternative lenders with high approval rates. Even if you've been turned down by the bank, with just a one-page application and 3 bank statements we have methods to polish your financial profile for lender approval that funds in days, not weeks.

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