From Lockdown To Economic Explosion!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Only essential workers brought home the bacon during the Corona-Crisis. Meanwhile, the rest of the working class counted and recounted their toilet paper stash and repurposed all the empty rolls and sold them on E-bay. LOL... Where there's a will there's a way and nobody has the will to find a way like the movers and shakers of our free-thinking capitalist society. We’ve had alot of time to think while playing 22 rounds of Go-Fish or holding the refrigerator door open for 10 minutes and we’ve come to a conclusion. Never again will we be caught with our proverbial financial pants down during a national crisis.

Finding something creative to focus on to stay busy became a driving force for millions of Americans while the world stood still. This blip in time drove some home-bounders to pass the time with Netflix, while others pursued passions and talents that previously went undiscovered until the COVID-Lockdown gave us time to venture into uncharted territory. We didn’t see this coming. Once again, the free thinkers were movin’ and shakin', turning lemons into lemonade boosting the economy with new business. Our new-found insight and confidence has broadened our perspective about working from home and the possibility of independence from the 9-5 daily-grind. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the bedroom and down the hallway to the makeshift desk at the kitchen-table puts an end to our commute time. Working from home is not a new concept for most Americans but Zooming to work is definitely a welcomed new reality and bunny-slippers are the new dress-code. The virtual office has opened our eyes to rethink how we work from home and has awakened an entrepreneurial spirit we can’t ignore. It’s these capitalists at heart, these thick-skinned lemon squeezers, who are the silver-lining that will quietly emerge to change the economic landscape in the aftermath of COVID-19.

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