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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

To get started when you don't have any plants, take a stroll through the aisles of a local plant nursery and look for broken leaves and limbs that have fallen off onto the floor and collect them in a bag. Pay special attention to the isles of popular and expensive plants. Folks may think you have lost your mind while you’re crawling around on the floor but it’s worth the treasure trove of assortment free pieces salvaged for rooting. Take them home and let the fun begin!

Put your plant piece in an egg shell, damp paper towel, cotton or plastic lid filled with water to encourage root growth. If it’s a stem-plant you might consider a shallow jar of water. In a few short months you’ll have quite an inventory of assorted plants ready to sell at flea markets, online classified sites, social media groups and garage sales. Repot them in attractive planter and some florists will buy your plants in bulk. So, keep an eye out for discarded or dirt cheap attractive pots. The dollar store always has a nice assortment in the spring and summer. It might be worth your wild to order direct form the Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, Family Dollar or Dollar General.

Salvaging plant pieces once a week will guarantee you’ll always have a few plants ready for sale anytime. Keep in mind, when gleaning plant pieces, you're not restricted to crawling around on the floor at your local plant nursery. You can take cuttings from your own plants, ask your friends and family for clippings of their plants or purchase seeds. It’s almost like having an ATM machine.

Here’s a word of caution when selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or to anyone “out of state”: Know which licenses are required for your state when shipping plants to a different state. Not all States are the same.

With all the modern resources we have available to us today, ANYONE can turn a hobby into a side-hustle. Just look inside yourself and discover your natural interests and talents. Then, simply find a need or a problem and apply your unique solution.

Let this be your gift. Do you need funding to help you hit the ground running with this sidehustle? Get access to a personal loan of up to $35,000 and share your hidden talents with the world.

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