Kinder/Ghost Guardian Service. . . SideHustle

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

You don't have to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a #bodyguard. Nor do you have to be a movie star or public figure to need one. This #sidehustle is popular with working parents and teachers. As a Kinder-Guardian you provide the #security that calms the parents and the child's anxiety during their first days of school, riding the bus, walking to school or attending field trips.

Just the presence of a Kinder-Guardian narrows the opportunity for #bullying and theft, especially among older kids.

Sometimes #parents require a Silent or Ghost-Guardian to observe their teenager when they've had trouble at school, unauthorized absences or behavior changes to gain insight into what prompted those changes. Given the tenor of our times, there are a lot of reasons a parent would need a Kinder or Ghost Guardian today.

Simply register yourself with your county schoolboard which will require a background check. Then, workout an advertising campaign with the school principal to reach your target audience of #teachers and parents then your phone will be ringing in no time.

Can you see how this has the potential to quickly grow into a #parttimebusiness? One person can't meet the demands of one school, much less an entire county. As word gets out that their are Guardians among us, you will need to fly into action and quickly call upon a whole host of #Guardians to meet the demand for security, thus expanding your business. :o)

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