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Lawn Mowing. . . SideHustle

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Mowing lawns is one of those simple menial tasks that needs to be done but most people would rather pay someone else to do the job. This is a popular #sidehustle, as it only requires a lawn mower and water for hydration.

Get started early in the season by posting a few fliers around your neighborhood promoting $40 per lawn (depending on the size). Imagine you only mowed one lawn a day per week... that's $200 with weekends off! Word spreads fast so don't be surprised when your phone starts ringing off the hook with #newbusiness. Wanna scale up this #sidehustle? Offer the 'Neighbor-Network' Special = a free mow for 3 referals that buy. Then hire another entrepreneur to handle your overflow #newbusiness which pays $20 on the first mow and $30 on every mow thereafter. So, with just 2 mows per day from repeat accounts he didn't solicit, Overflow-Entrepreneur grosses $300 week with the weekends off and you make $100 from OE's labor. Now, imagine you have 4 OE's x2 mows per day = $400 wk for you. Ok... let's bump up each OE's work load to 4 mows per day = $600 wk per OE and $800 wk for you. You handle all the advertizing to keep your OE's busy with work they don't have to solicit by promoting the 'Neighbor-Network'-Special, you'll generate steady work for everyone. Split your crew up in teams of 2-3 and offer contests with bonus rewards.

Display a unique gimmick or sponsor a cause, such as: outfitting your crew with giant sunglasses and florescent t-shirts to draw attention. Print your clever slogan or the cause you're supporting on the back. People love to promote young people with work ethics and a business who are willing to get their hands dirty for a cause.

Need funding to quick-step your #sidehustle? Simple 3 minute application gives you access to a personal loan up to $35,000 for your sidehustle venture.

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