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Funding Solutions

At Brick-N-Mortar, we take pride in supporting your business growth and stability through our expertise and common sense, business-friendly financial products.

We understand the challenges of obtaining funds through traditional methods, so we provide businesses with easy-to-implement working capital through our direct lender loan matching system.

Our direct lenders have funded $Billions in working capital and startup funds and are trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide. 

Explore how your business can benefit from our financing solutions below.


Credit Repair

When you're looking to repair your credit, you can do-it-yourself and dispute negative items and improve your credit and FICO score without credit repair training, such as:

  • Purchase a credit monitoring service to keep an eye on credit bureau activity and your credit score each month. 

  • Identify negative activity and submit dispute letters to the credit bureaus and follow up with them month-to-month until it's resolved.

  • Evaluate areas of overspending and overborrowing and implement a budget to staying within your financial limits.

  • Research and understand how credit works and how to use it to your benefit.

So, there are many things you can do to improve your credit and/or fight the credit bureaus. Yet, most business owners are understandably too busy to do-it-yourself and put in the time and effort to become a credit expert. Especially when they have so many other daily commitments that demand their attention. Many avoid the credit bureaus like the plague, for fear of information overload and they'd rather not know just how bad their credit score really is.

These are common scenarios that often force business owners to put their credit-profile on the back-burner. Procrastinating with credit repair/monitoring can cause unchecked negative reports to put your business in a sudden financial bind when an urgent need arises and your credit score/history doesn't qualify for low loan rates, or worse, you don't qualify for any financing at all.

As business owners, we just don't have the time nor is it feasible to wear 'do-it-yourself' hats and credit repair is no exception. So, outsourcing to a credit-expert is an affordable and business-savvy approach to credit repair/monitoring that can improve your credit-profile as fast as 30-45 days, putting you in a strategic position to scale your business to competitive heights.
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SBA Loans

Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. While the SBA does not make direct loans, instead it provides a safeguard-guarantee to banks and other direct lenders for the money they lend. Thereby, alleviating the risk involved with lending money to business owners and entrepreneurs who may not qualify for traditional loans. This guarantee protects the lender's interests by promising to pay a portion of the loan back if the business owner or entrepreneur defaults on the loan.

So when a business applies for an SBA loan, it is actually applying for a commercial loan through a bank or authorized SBA lender, structured according to SBA requirements with an SBA guarantee. 

LOC & CC/Stacking

As Funding Advocates, we understand that all businesses are unique and each requires specific working capital. So, we strive to bring solutions to the table that fit your individual situation. 

A credit card and a line of credit are both open-end revolving credit products. Credit cards are almost always unsecured, whereas lines of credit are just as often secured as they are unsecured.  Securing your line of credit by property or investments usually results in a lower interest rate and higher credit limit than with an unsecured line of credit.

A business line of credit is designed to be used in the short-term to cover temporary cash flow gaps rather than large, one-time expenses. In comparison, business lines of credit feature lower interest rates and higher credit limits than credit cards.

However, most credit cards offer a bundle of benefits that are not available with lines of credit, such as: low/zero introductory rates for up to 24 months with a go-to rate of 5-9%. Plus, sign up bonuses, no annual fees, cash back on purchases, travel rewards and more. Think of a Line of Credit like a credit card with better cash advance terms but without a grace period or rewards.


We understand the challenges of operating a business and the importance of flexible financing. So, our Merchant Cash Advance features business-friendly terms that protect your cash-flow and promotes your business growth. This non-traditional fast funding solution provides working capital based on your projected Merchant Credit Card and ACH sales, not your credit score, allowing you to make micro-payments only on the days you make the minimum daily requirement in sales. Only a small percentage of your daily sales are applied to your MCA balance. The bottom line… if you don’t make sales today, we don’t take a payment today. Oh… and qualifying only requires a short 1-page online application and your funds can be approved in 24 hours… No kidding!

Equipment Loans

Having the necessary equipment to run your business is vital to keeping your venture operating smoothly. Our direct lender equipment loan is designed specifically to enable you, the business owner, to replace, upgrade or purchase equipment without putting a strain on your cash-flow.
Certain types of equipment qualifies for flexible financing. So, the equipment itself serves as collateral for the loan and once the debt is repaid, you own the equipment free and clear. 

Another option to acquiring your business equipment is to lease it instead. Leasing offers an advantage over financing in that you’re not required to offer any sort of down payment nor are you bound by any collateral, lien or personal guarantee requirements. Also, you may find it easier to qualify for leasing if you are credit challenged.

Invoice Factoring

Selling your accounts receivables to a factoring company at a discount for cash upfront turns unpaid invoices into working capital. A same-day cash advance through invoice factoring is a game-changer for businesses that struggle with cash-flow.


Term Loans

A short-term loan (usually for 1-5 years) provides a lump sum payment of cash upfront to the borrower that is repaid in a fixed number of equal payments over the set-period, length of the loan.

Term loans usually last between 1-10 years but may last as long as 30 years in some cases and usually involves a fixed interest rate. 

Term loans are generally provided as working capital to businesses for purchasing assets such as, machinery, inventory or marketing that will generate the cash flow for repayment of the loan. 

We have a variety of Term Loans to fit your specific situation. Some of which you can expect single-digit percentage rates and fixed payments for a fixed period of time. Very similar to a car loan or a mortgage. 

No need for a lengthy application or a mound of documents to apply. In fact, some of our direct lender loans only initially require your credit report to apply while others require proof of income and a short one-page application.

Funding is approved in 24-48 hours and funds are deposited into your account as soon as you're approved. And... whether you are a business owner or an individual, a direct lender term loan is a great way to build your credit.

Micro Loans

Microloans are typically defined as very small, short-term bank-loan-alternatives with low-interest rates. One of the major benefits of micro-loans is that they offer working capital to self-employed individuals, small businesses and new startups with low credit and/or can't secure funds through a traditional bank.

Since it costs banks the same amount of money to underwrite a $50,000 loan as a $1 million loan, banks are less likely to lend to business owners who need a smaller amount. Micro-loans are a popular alternative to bank loans, as they offer smaller direct lender loan amounts with budget-friendly, predictable monthly payments.

A microloan is an ideal solution that provides working capital to business owners without getting over their heads in debt and help them to establish good credit.

Startup Capital

 An initial investment is also called start-up capital or seed money. It is the money an entrepreneur needs to start up a business. It may include the entrepreneur's own money from savings, credit cards or 401k. Also, startup money can be borrowed from family, friends, banks or from investors. 

This startup money is used to cover the expenses of opening a new business such as: renting office space or building, permits, licenses, purchasing inventory or equipment, product development, and manufacturing, marketing or hiring and training employees, etc. Startups are the hardest type of loan to obtain. Although you have a great idea, our direct lenders are not funding your great idea, they're actually investing in you.

The most important thing to understand is, our direct lenders approve startup funding based on the entrepreneurs business history. When the entrepreneur lacks business-history it makes the risk level difficult, if not impossible to predict. So, investing in new businesses can be risky. Most banks are not willing to take the chance but this is what sets our direct lenders apart from traditional lending.





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